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Our company offers you professional and household sewing-machines of all kinds: electromechanical, shvejno - embroidery machines,in our shop sewing machines brother, jaguar, janome, etc. convenience, simplicity in development and work - here the main lines which each sewing machine presented in our catalogue possesses are presented.

Clothes manufacturing one of the oldest crafts. centuries it existed as the handicraft work, all operations became one person the tailor.


In the xix-th century beginning on change to the handicraft the mass production of the clothes which for the first time have arisen in france has come.

Clothing industry can be carried to material-intensive branches. in structure of expenses for a share of raw materials and materials it is necessary about 75 %. as raw materials fabrics, a knitted cloth, nonwoven materials, an imitation leather, artificial and natural fur, serve a fabric, textile dry goods. basically in branch it is processed more than 4/5, household purpose fabrics.

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