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The glossary of culinary termsThe glossary of culinary terms
Our glossary represents meeting of culinary terms from every corner of the globe. you learn that designates the name your favourite a dish and that it is necessary to remember at its preparation, and also the sea of the helpful information on spices, vegetables and fruit.

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- and -
A la
A la
A la fashions
A la newburgh
A la provansal
Of aioli
Of amaretto
Of anzhelika
Of antipasto
The flavored rice
Of arrorut
Of asjago
Of an
An of tass
Ajrish stju
Is scarlet
Of almand

 To translate into english
To translate into english  A la
The meal prepared on spit
To translate into english  A la
Meal which usually submit under white sauce with mushrooms, green and red pepper
To table of contents
To translate into english  A la fashions
Usually concerns ice-cream which submit on a pie or a cake.
To translate into english  A la newburgh
Kremoobraznyj sauce from the seafood, slightly tinted by a paprika, with addition of cherry wine.
To table of contents
To translate into english  A la provansal
With garlic and vegetable oil
To translate into english  Of aioli
Garlick mayonnaise, it is frequent with various spices from provence. moves with meat, fish or vegetables
To table of contents
To translate into english  Amaranth
This term concerns elastic food
To translate into english  Of amaretto
A tuna version white sauce with addition of yolks
To table of contents
To translate into english  Anchovy
The annual plant differs white meat and the big maintenance of fat
To translate into english  Of anzhelika
. the greens of slightly sweetish taste are used for salads. seeds are milled and added in porridge. contains a protein.
To table of contents
To translate into english  Of antipasto
Almond liquor. often add kernels from apricot stones.
To translate into english  The flavored rice
A small small fish of type of the sprat, placed in a brine right afterwithout .
To table of contents
To translate into english  Of arrorut
The sweet grass from family of parsley with a pale-green stalk.
To translate into english  Artichoke
The italian snack
To table of contents
To translate into english  Of asjago
Rice with nut or corn taste and smell
To translate into english  Avocado
The flour from young runaways of an arrowroot, is used as a thickener for soups or sauces.
To table of contents
To translate into english  Of an
- " ". Of an .
To translate into english  An
From the cow milk, made in northern italy, with a lung nut
To table of contents
To translate into english  An of tass
Tropical fruit with a thick peel of the pear-shaped form and green oily pulp
To translate into english  Ajrish stju
To prepare cheese on spit
To table of contents
To translate into english  Is scarlet
In "uniform" (french cuisine), usually concerns potato
To translate into english  Albakor
To submit in cup
To table of contents
To translate into english  Of almand
Stewed with carrots, turnip, a potato, an onions, and spices.
To table of contents

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National medicineNational medicine
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