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By the basic tools which were used in sewing business there was a manual needle, scissors, the iron which heated up by means of charcoal. also sewing-machines with a manual and foot drive were used.

The first mentions of sewing-machines and of attempts of their creation concern to 18 centuries. in 1855 the first patent for the car which carried out formation a coupler has been taken out. it has been received by englishman c.f.vejzentalem. in 1790 there was a first car for tailoring of boots. it was invented by t.sent. movement was carried out manually, thus and preparation for the future boots too moved independently. in 1829 the french master b. has thought up and has made the car for chain a coupler. american e.hou in 1845 has developed and has patented the car which is carrying out a shuttle stitch. truth this car was imperfect and extremely inconvenient, it was necessary to fix a fabric in vertical position by special pins. the shuttle of this car was similar a shuttle of the weaving loom and carried out back and forth motions, and the needle thus moved in a horizontal direction.

Eventually sewing-machines all were improved. there were soon first cars (m.singer 1851, a.wilson 1850) with a horizontal course of a needle and the fabric was now under a special tightening pad. fabric movement was carried out by means of special cogwheels which then have replaced with the jagged plates.

There was time, clothing industry development was not at a stop. already in the beginning of 1921 functioned over 279 manufactures. on them worked more than 40 thousand persons. the basic part of cars was made by old and unproductive cars with a foot drive, but except them were, and cars which worked on the general transmission.

In our country the special organisations (trusts) in moscow, leningrad, minsk and other cities which have been created carried out control over the enterprises. gradually the hardware of the enterprises began to be updated, import cars, electroknifes, steam the press and other necessary equipment were bought. soon factories and manufactures began to pass to more careful division of labour, and with occurrence productivity and return has sharply increased in 1925 of the line organisation of manufacture in comparison with private tailoring.

The organisation of trusts was an incitement for clothing industry development. for an example we take trust "" in which number of workers for five years 1923 on 1927 has increased almost twice and has made 17436 persons, and output and that is more on the whole four times with 25260 100981 than thousand roubles.