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Of classics
Arcady averchenkoThe poem about hungry person 
Have exchanged glances.
-- ? ?
-- .
-- . -- .
-- . ,...Further
Silly frenchman 
The clown from circus of brothers of gints henry purkua has come into the moscow tavern of testova to have breakfast.

- - - ?
The asian wedding of "the hero of our time" at lermontov 
Time comes the old prince to call us on wedding: it gave the oldest daughter in marriage, and we were with it : so it is impossible, know, to refuse, though it and the tatar. have gone. in an aul the set of dogs has met us loud bark. women, us, hid;...Further
Russian pie from oblomova 
But there was a kitchen and a dinner. about a dinner conferred the whole house; and the aged aunt was invited to council. everyone offered the dish: who soup with giblets, who noodles or a stomach, who hems, who red, who a white sauce to sauce. any council...Further
Snack with anton chekhov 
There was an easter eve. for an hour to matins my friends have come for me. they were in dress coats and white .
- , - - ... ... ...Further
The provincial dinner with nikolay gogol (dead souls) 
Zasim, to a table where there was a snack, the visitor and the owner have drunk properly on a vodka wine-glass, had a snack, as all vast russia on cities and villages has a snack, that is everyones and other exciting good fortunes, and have begun to flow all in a dining room;...Further
The country dinner with anna karenina lev tolstoi 
Staranija agafi mihajlovny and cooks that the dinner was especially good, had the consequence only that both got hungry the friend, having sat down by snack, breads and butter, and salty mushrooms, and still that levin ordered to submit soup without pies have gorged on...
The petty-bourgeois dinner at "fathers and children" 
The dinner though and hastily prepared, left very good; even the plentiful; only wine is a little, as they say, : almost black sherry bought by timofeichem in a city at a familiar merchant, responded not that copper, not that rosin; and flies too disturbed. in. .Further
The lent with "brothers of karamazovymi" 
Our trapeznik on is arranged: about on monday, on wednesday and heels of a meal do not deliver. on tuesday and on brotherhood white, with honey, a berry cloudberries or cabbage salty, yes oat flouron saturday ...Further

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