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Zakuson Kitchen:
We on Russian Cuisine Have tried to slightly open for you the world of russian meal and the delicacies traditional and modern russian cookery and recipes, the world of original russian culture. russian cuisine represents the fine bouquet consisting of various cultural traditions, apprehended by russia within several centuries. for example, such russian drink now it is considered which Tea, Tea 3-5 Tea Always submitted with Sweets, pies, Spice-cakes Cakes.
Of the river, to age-old times, teemed with various fish, as has served a rich variety of a table. fish, caviar, steels the integral lunch part and, especially, Snack. however the basic food of russian people since those far times includes every possible Vegetables, Mushrooms, meat, Dairy products, Honey, Fruit and berries, and also all variety Of grain crops.
Now you have an excellent possibility to get acquainted with traditions of russian feast thanks to fragments from gogol, chekhov, goncharov, tolstoy, dostoevsky's well-known products and turgeneva or to learn features of russian ethnic cuisine from interesting articles about pies, tea, a russian cabbage soup, kvass and many other things.
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.The first demonstrations of a cinema in russia - 1896
"" () "", "- "; "" (), "...  Further
. Michael ivanovich glinka The first with unusual depth and force has expressed russian character in music; like a.s.pushki...  Further
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"Products" (, Vegetables,), - ....  Further
If you have invitedIf you have invited
"If you have invited...", ....  
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Arcady averchenkoArcady averchenko
Have exchanged glances.
-- ? ?
-- .
-- ...Further
Anton chekhovAnton chekhov
The clown from circus of brothers of gints henry purkua has come into the moscow tavern of testova to have breakfast.

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