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Sewing and knitting cars

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About sewing-machines as a whole

Sewing-machines equipped with the electric drive and in which all management is carried out manually by means of special switches - belong to the class of "budgetary" cars. they possess poor enough set of functions, have inconvenient system of a tension of a thread and are not able to regulate smoothly length and width of a stitch, and are only supplied by the several in advance preestablished values. such car can be used for small repair of clothes, but it does not approach for daily continuous work.

If you plan to be engaged professionally in sewing more advanced sewing-machine with a set of various modes of processing of loops

Of kinds of the lines is necessary for you

, working with various kinds of fabrics, etc. it will allow you to create own masterpieces being limited than. the choice depends only on you.

Electronic sewing-machine

At the heart of this car lies a microcomputer which operates its work.

The set of various parametres and operations which supervise all process of sewing (for example, check of a tension of a thread). a case is stored in its memory if i will malfunctions that the computer are found out what that will inform on it a special signal. all managerial process is carried out through buttons the cases located on face sheet and the liquid crystal display on which the office information is deduced. the size and display type essentially influences a total cost of the car.

The great attention, to especially beginning dressmakers, it is necessary to turn comfort of sewing

On comfort of work. modern electronic cars thanks to the electronic stuffing possess sufficientthey are able to select automatically the necessary mode and sewing parametres, to regulate a thread tension, automatically to fill it, to regulate pressure of a pad, to signal in a case of breakage or the thread termination, have the built in protection against errors. on the display various helps and recommendations about sewing (to a choice of pads, are long a stitch, etc.) can stand out. thanking all to it work with such machine will be to you only in pleasure.