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  To send a gift to friendTable
Collect the gift set. after all often buying a ready set, we find unnecessary things.
On russianfoods you can choose only that is necessary for you. we do not impose the goods, you choose!

1. Choose products and Add in basket.
2. Press button To issue order.
3. Fill the order form.
Then press on To confirm order. after that you receive acknowledgement by e-mail and your gift will be delivered to destination.
  To add in selected worksTable
If you use Netscape Navigator:
Press "CTRL D" or
1. Come on www. russianfoods
2. Open in menu bookmarks and press on Add Bookmark

If you use America Online:
1. Come on www. russianfoods
2. Open the menu and press on window
3. Then press add to favorites

If you use Internet Explorer (all versions):
Press "CTRL D" or
1. Come on www. russianfoods
2. Open in menu favorites and press on Add to Favorites
3.Press on OK
  Service for usersTable
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST
Telephone Orders: 212-421-0017
Mail: 307 East 53rd Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022
  Help Table
Our site it is very similar to the present shop. having pressed section purchase, you will see all departments. in each department there are some categories of products. you will see all products, having pressed a category. for example, if you want to buy a salmon, you need to press three times (Purchase, seafood, salmon). if you press the product image, you will get on page with a complete description and larger image. here it is possible to see the list of recipes for the given product. if you press the recipe, you will get on page with the recipe.

"Mushrooms"in a window of search also will press  , you will get at once to virtual department with mushrooms. you can begin here purchase, having specified quantity necessary for you and having pressed  .

  page will be overloaded. please, be patient - the site is constructed so that in the best way to protect you and to give a maximum of services. for acceleration of loading of pages it is possible to press"To hide image"in the top left corner.

  Help Table
The section of recipes is constructed the same as also shop section. having pressed button"Recipes", you will see all categories of recipes. having pressed one category, you will see the list of recipes with the short description of everyone. by pressing the name of the recipe you will see the full recipe and the list of the products connected with it. having pressed the product reference, you will get on page of the given product. you can begin here purchase, having specified quantity necessary for you and having pressed  .

"Mushrooms"in a window of search and will press  , you will get at once on page with recipes from mushrooms.

"To add recipe", fill the form for the recipe and press "To apply". we edit recipes and 1-2 days on its publication can be demanded. we choose the best recipes by quantity of viewings and responses and we publish them on the first page.

   5 .
  New productsTable
25 .
  Best sellersTable
25 Add in basket   .
  The product of dayTable
  The basket of purchasesTable
Your virtual basket it is very similar to a grocery basket in the nearest supermarket. not important, how many time you have bypassed the shop, the chosen products will be stored in safety. you can easily delete products from the basket or change their quantity. you can always see the made changes, having pressed the button in the bottom left corner or   .
All information which you inform us, will be stored in the protected database, and the most important fields will be ciphered. access to this field will be had only by systems russianfoods which will directly work with your order - and, of course, you that you could change if necessary your data (if, for example, at you the post or electronic address etc.) will change .
To unpack any page, use in the menu of your browser "File" an option "Press".
On some pages on the right on the top panel there is an icon"Press", .
  Technical requirements.Table
Support cookies your browser for work with shop should be included.
You need to have microsoft ie 3.01 or netscape navigator 3.0 or the subsequent versions. the site will work incorrectly with older versions of browsers.
The monitor permission:
We recommend 800x600.

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