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 Culinary specialist Recipes
In section Culinary specialist Recipes Is presented the richest collection of traditional recipes of the people of russia from forgotten times up to now, brightly reflecting spirit and a life of russian people. Russian culinary recipes - classics of world cookery; and now you have a fine possibility to open this surprisingly tasty world for itself. we are glad to offer you culinary recipes of celebratory, easter, fast dishes, ethnic cuisine recipes (the belarus, ukrainian, georgian, kazakh, jewish kitchens). what for to you to thumb through a recipe-book, look in our culinary library!

Salad from the radish and applesSalad from the radish and apples
Salad vitamin-rich always will be by the way in a combination to any dish and at any time.
A cauliflower with potatoA cauliflower with potato
The magnificent dish from vegetables and easy sauce. does not take away a lot of time and does not demand abundance ...
  Recipes  Recipes
Of the cutlet pozharsky | Chak-chak | Olivier's | Salad chocolate pie | The moscow doughnuts Fall Memories Turnip, Pumpkin Delight. | Eggplant Stew. | Mashed potatoes | Pie | Field mushrooms
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 Best sellers
• The israeli olives (black)
• The israeli olives (green)
• All this jazz, jazz ballads in aura string
• All this jazz, kaunt bejsi. april in paris.
• All this jazz, legends of piano jazz
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