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Sewing subtleties

Sewing-machine acquisition not such simple business as can seem at first sight. certainly, if you dealt with the modern machine to you it will be much easier to pick up to yourself the necessary variant with functions necessary for you. but how to be with those buyers who face for the first time the given problem. before them there are many questions: in what shop it is better to follow the purchase, to what manufacturer and sewing-machine model to prefer, what documents are necessary for checking up,

That should be in a complete set, well and in general what terms are necessary for knowing at least to be guided that the seller speaks. if you follow to our councils and recommendations chances to buy something really standing at you will increase.

If all your knowledge of the sewing-machine and of sewing as a whole consist in what lines straight lines exist or a zigzag that at purchase arises set of difficulties. there are two exits from the given situation. the first it to read it is as much as possible information about modern cars, and functionality/price will be defined with a parity. the second simply to take the postponed sum to go to shop and already on a place to be defined with a choice.

In what shop will not deceive?

Actually how to choose shop in which should be followed purchase and to define, whether sellers to you not those goods try, relying on your illiteracy in this point in question.

It is not necessary to do purchase to the sewing-machine in various supermarkets where under the goods some shelves are taken away, with big it is possible to say probability that you will not find there the model necessary to you and do not receive professional consultation.

The best variant is to buy the machine in specialised shops. such shops have rather a wide choice of the goods. here except the sewing-machine it is possible to get and additional accessories to them. consultation on skilled sellers advisers will carry out the most detailed consultation on the goods interesting you. except that presence of the certificate of the dealer from manufacturers of sewing-machines lifts prestige of shop. presence of the detailed information on the goods in russian, and also presence own centre service also is huge plus.