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 The ornament of dishes
Meal not only vital need, but also a pleasant occasion to gather the cheerful friendly company. very important for a solemn occasion not only to prepare tasty dishes, but also to make so that one a kind they stimulated appetite and were pleasant to a look. taste and the pleasure received from meal, in many respects depends on visual perception. to make a beautiful composition easy, if to connect imagination and an invention, it is necessary to try only. the decorated festive table should be sustained in uniform style and one colour scale. the main course should be the brightest on a table and bewitch looks of visitors. we hope that our councils about scenery of various culinary masterpieces will help to give them a unique and refined kind.
Грунт с доставкой

Napkins - ornaments
 The elegant and in an original way combined napkin will give even to a modest table especially attractive and celebratory...
 Magnificent garnishes
 Of the ornament for a garnish basically are made of carrots, turnip or a potato. with their help make out...
How to decorate dishes from meat and a bird?
How to decorate dishes from meat and a bird?For meat dishes of an ornament usually steal up depending on a way of preparation. for meat under sauce...
 Key rules of an ornament of dishes
 Art of giving and an ornament of dishes is turned, first of all, to imagination to the person to create to it mood...
Cheerful snack
 Of snack an ideal field for activity where it is possible to create set of amusing ornaments which will have...
 What ornaments can be made from ?
 Removal of a thin skin from tomato To make a round cut at a tomato shank. to make a crosswise cut...
How to decorate a ready dish?
 Registration of vegetable salad The prepared salad to put in ware, to salt, fill...
 What ornaments can be made of exotic fruits?
 Exotic fruit perfectly well will approach for dessert registration. pineapples, bananas, melons, and water-melons...
What ornaments can be made of root crops?
 From such root crops as a potato, carrots, a celery, a garden radish and a radish, it is possible to prepare the remarkable...
 What ornaments can be made from fruits?
 Apples, pears and peaches become a fine ornament of a dessert. from them it is possible various entertaining and...
What ornaments can be made of citron fruits?
What ornaments can be made of citron fruits?A citrus an ideal material for an ornament of various dishes. it is possible to make every possible compositions...

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National medicineNational medicine
It is considered medical properties of vegetables
That in day it is necessary to eat not less than five various vegetables....

Stuffed leek
1. Small cut onions, rub carrots and extinguish in oil to the golden...

The ornament of dishesThe ornament of dishes
Napkins - ornaments
The elegant and in an original way combined napkin will give even to a modest table. .

Kitchen utensilsKitchen utensils
Good knifes on kitchen will make your life much easier. there are three...

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