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Sewing and knitting cars

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Kinds of sewing machines.

Electromechanical sewing-machines

Electromechanical are called machines which are supplied by the electric drive and have a mechanical control. various switches and handles the cars located on the case serve for management and a choice of various modes of sewing, a choice of type of a line, length a coupler, etc. these sewing-machines possess not so big set of actions, approximately 10-20 operations, among which decorative lines and special mode for jersey.

Electronic sewing-machines

In this type of cars electronic control which carries out the built in microcontroller is used. thanks to that all management on moving of a needle concerning a fabric carries out the microprocessor there are no special restrictions on

To quantity and complexity of carried out lines. all depends on what quantity of operations and actions is sewn up in memory of the microcontroller. their number can fluctuate from 20 to 100. for convenience of users the majority of such sewing-machines is supplied by the liquid crystal display on which number of operation and brief information on it, such as a coupler, type of a fabric and another is displayed length.

Shvejno-embroidery machines

Such types of sewing-machines are equipped integrated or additional by the block. besides, in them almost high-grade computer is located. thanks to it they possess really tremendous possibilities and functionality. such cars perfectly sew and embroider, carry out andbesides, on them probably to develop own patterns and to hold them in in remembrance or on a diskette. thanks to connection to the internet it is possible to expand without effort and without that enormous functionality. these sewing-machines are able to carry out more than 500 decorative and working operations, to do 10 types of loops, automatically to regulate a tension of threads, needle movement is carried out more than in 20 directions and, and all becomes it practically in an automatic mode. thanks to it to work by such car it is a pleasure.



Happen cases when ordinary sewing-machines cannot cope with a certain problem. for example, to make on jersey dense and strong seams or to carry out simultaneously to a scrap and processing of edge of details. for this purpose also are appliedthey are used for performance of flat seams, chainto sewing of various tapes (leather, with beads), drawings of decorative seams and another.

Knitting cars

The knitting car is intended for creation of various knitted products, thus you should not apply special knowledge and efforts, even with the minimum skills and experience you can quickly master it, and will learn to do practically everything, beginning from banal socks and finishing jumpers and coverlets.