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Russian WomenRussian Women
RussianFoods is considered a real island of Russian culture by our visitors. Having begun from Russian products and authentic Russian recipes, we aim at telling you as much as possible about Russia, its life and its people. The section Russian Women, created by numerous requests, is devoted to charming keepers of Russian cooking and family culture. The first material is addressed to people who are dying to learn a secret of Russian womans soul.
 Your view on Russian women
Your view on Russian womenI decided to write this article, relying on your opinions and experience. I've just tried to cast ... more
 Ode to Russian Woman
 Russian women don't stop excite curiosity thanks to their incredibly attractive nature. But it... more
 Russian Label
 Many readers blame me for labeling and commercializing Russian women. I object. This section... more
 Russian wedding traditions
Russian wedding traditionsRussian wedding rites, fun and frolic, were to simple folks liking and enjoyment, as every tradition... more
 Why do Russian women marry foreigners?
 Why does international marriage give rise to unfavorable criticism? In fact, no one is intending to ... more
 What do women want from men?
What do women want from men?It's no secret that men and women are different. It is no news that they look for different things in... more
 What do you know about Russian women?
 To get married is a very important and serious life step. People meet, date, love each other and finally... more
 Russian folktale for Russian women
 The picture of Russian beauty appears in different ways before our eyes: ancient portraits of... more
 A guide for those who look for Russian women
A guide for those who look for Russian womenThe reasons why Russian women dare to look for a foreign husband are simple, but not easy: a ... more
 Russian woman - a dream?
Russian woman - a dream?Our days, it has become fashion, for foreign men, to look for a young, beautiful Russian wife... more

Did you know?
Darya Sevastopolskaya is the true example of Russian women's heroism and courage. She was the first nurse in 1854 who saved soldier's lives in the Crimean war.

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