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Russian pies.
April 04, 2000.

How can I thank You enough for this recipe...
Will make before long, and am so happy about having it...
I love the Russian Food Recipes.Com on the Web, and am so happy again to have received this from You...
Also, all those delicious pastries on the Web, makes me hungry...
Thank You so very much... and have a wonderful 2000...
Chevy Who now lives in Arizona...
March 31, 2000.

Best merchant website I've ever purchased from.
Very nicely organized.
Great speed!
Site of the dayFebruary 25, 2000.
Featured article from ThirdAge.

Best of Russian Cuisine
Russian cuisine: borscht, blinis and vodka, right? No way, Ivan! Click to Russian Foods is a handy reminder of the classy cuisine found in that former empire beyond the steppes.

Any gourmet might be happy with a platter of assorted fish the site says is a hit everywhere in the country. It consists a fish called siomga, thinly sliced and accompanied by lemon slices, plus cold smoked sea bass and a lighter sort of trout that is a smaller member of the salmon family.
More well-known, of course, is beef Stroganoff, named after a very rich 18th-Century Russian count named Grigory Stroganove but actually invented from scraped meat by one of his cooks, whose name has long since been lost to history. Russian Foods provides an excellent recipe - and, perhaps surprisingly, advises serving it with fried potatoes.
Russian Foods has guidance in other areas of the Slavic cuisine, include the nation's various teas (of which its people drink considerably more than vodka) and a range of other recipes -- including, if you must, the beet broth called borscht. The site also will ship its products around the world. And you thought you knew all about Chicken Kiev.
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Site of the dayJanuary 30, 2000.
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